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aReW recordings presents [RW-108] Lounge Gizzard - Noise Retreat

Lounge Gizzard
Noise Retreat   2013
Liner Notes

Music, Programming, Production by
Lounge Gizzard  aka  Phil Rawsthorne
guitar on track 26  by Jeffreaux

VST Host software by Hermann Seib
Jackbeat software by Olivier Guilyardi
Jazz midi editing software by  Andreas Voss and Per Sigmond
Rubber Duck H3O software by
Rebirth 2.0 by Propellorhead software
Hammerhead and Tuareg 2 by Bram Bos
Stereo Tool 3.55 plugin for Winamp by Hans Van Zutphen
Seq 303 software by Metaphoric
DrumSynth Version 1.3 by Paul Kellett
Wavewarm by Gadget Labs
VST plugins technology by Steinberg
More Freely Downloadable programs at

Run time 78 minutes approx


Reviewer: as_yet_undetermined - - March 23, 2014
Subject: By Robert Ham, Experimental Portland Webzine
Review by Robert Ham , (
reprinted with permission::

"On a day when a famed fashion designer started his own record label and a certain high profile music festival announced that they were opening their arms even wider to Grammy winning artists at the expense of all the no name, little known bands struggling to be heard above the fray, and on a day when video has been released of art/music collective Pussy Riot being attacked by men with whips in Sochi…I was despairing quite a bit about the state of the world and the art that I love so dearly.

What shook me out of my malaise was this new collection of scatterbrained electronic sun flares created by Phil Rawsthorne under the name Lounge Gizzard. Punny name aside, this is the
perfect salve to the system. A fucked up reminder that amid the chaos of our slowly devolving planet, there are sparks of brilliance, beauty, and daring that we can cling on to like a lifeboat. Give it a listen here and grab a hold; we’ll ride out this storm together."

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on 1/30/2014